Phoenix Gymnastics Academy Peterborough now offering Rhythmic Gymnastics classes!

We are excited to announce that we are the only gymnastics club in the region to be offering Rhythmic Gymnastics classes. This discipline of gymnastics is beautifully graceful, artistic and combines choreography, flexibility with the use of hand apparatus. It is done both as an individual or in groups of 5. Our Rhythmic Gymnastics classes are held on Saturdays – 4.30pm – 5.30pm for the younger age group and 5.30pm -6.30pm for 7years plus. Please call 07557441104 today to book in for one free trial class before signing up!

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General Gymnastics Finals – June 2016

On 5th June we took 6 gymnasts to Ipswich who qualified at County qualifiers, it was another very tough competition with all the gymnasts giving it their all.

Fenland Grades – May 2016

On 29th May we took 30 Gymnasts to Fenland Gymnastics Academy in Wisbech. Phoenix had gymnasts in a range of levels from level 2 – 8, all the gymnasts were superb and we took away a whole host of medals.

Regional Grades Finals – May 2016

We took 3 gymnasts to Ipswich from the Regional Grades County Qualifiers, all 3 performed brilliantly on which was a very difficult competitions, we are proud of them.

General Gymnastics – April 2016

On 17th April 2016 we took a huge 43 gymnasts to the General Gymnastics Competition held at Spiral Gymnastics Club. This was an individual pieces competition and those that medalled on a piece were put through the the regional final in Ipswich in June.

Level 2:

  • Mollie – bronze Vault and Beam
  • Amelia – gold Vault, Bars, Beam and bronze Floor
  • Sophie – silver  Bars, Beam and Floor
  • Jessica – silver Vault, Bars, Beam and bronze Floor
  • Matilda – gold Vault, Bars, silver Floor and bronze Beam
  • Tia – bronze Vault and Bars, Gold Beam and Floor
  • Hermione – gold Vault, silver Bars and Floor, bronze Beam
  • Gracie – gold Floor
  • Harley – bronze Bars and Floor
  • Emily – bronze Vault, gold Beam
  • Molly – silver Vault, Beam and gold Bars

Level 3

  • Madison – silver Floor
  • Raihana – bronze Bars, gold Floor
  • Julia – bronze Beam
  • Tanvi – gold Bars
  • Bella – gold Beam
  • Phoebe – bronze Vault
  • Alex – silver Beam
  • Macie – silver Beam, Floor
  • Brooke – gold Bars
  • Libby – bronze Beam, silver Vault and Bars, gold Floor
  • Chloe – gold Vault
  • Lucy – silver Vault and Bars, bronze Floor

Level 4

  • Hilary – bronze Bars
  • Tallulah – bronze Vault and Beam, silver Floor
  • Austeja – gold Bars

Regional Grades – April 2016

On the 2nd April 2016 we took 16 gymnasts to Huntingdon Gymnastics Club to compete Regional Grades, we had 2 gymnasts competing Club Grade 5,  13 gymnasts competing Regional Grade 4 and 1 gymnast competing Regional Grade 3. All of our gymnasts passed their Grade which is fantastic.

  • Ellie – Distinction – Silver overall
  • Sian – Commended – Silver overall
  • Aaliyah – Commended – Bronze overall
  • Ellie – Pass – 4th Place
  • Hannah – Distinction – 4th Place

Ellie, Sian and Aaliyah won a place to go to Regional finals in Ipswich where they performed admirably.

Club Grade 5

  • Ella – Commended
  • Millie – Distinction

Regional Grade 4

  • Amber – Distinction
  • Lola – Distinction
  • Sofia – Commended
  • Tierney – Commended
  • Madison – Distinction
  • Grace – Commended
  • Keera – Commended
  • Kayleigh – Pass

Regional Grade 3

  • Josie – Distinction

Level 6 – November 2015

On the 15th November 2015 we took 13 gymnasts to the County Level 6 Competition held at Spiral Gymnastics Club. Again we came away with numerous medals and had a very good day.

  • Millie – bronze Floor
  • Caitlin – gold Floor
  • Evy – bronze Bars
  • Ella – bronze Vault
  • Ebony – gold Vault
  • Madison – bronze Vault, silver Bars
  • Lola – gold bars and took Overall Silver
  • Mary – silver bars, gold Floor
  • Megan – bronze Floor
  • Tierney – bronze Vault


Level 7 – November 2015

On the 1st November 2015 we took 25 gymnasts to the County Level 7 Competition held at Fenland Gymnastics Academy. We again came away with Team Silver, all of our gymnasts did amazing.

  • Julija – silver Vault, gold Bars, Floor and took overall Gold.
  • Grace – silver Beam, gold floor and took overall Bronze
  • Kiera – silver Floor
  • Caitlyn – bronze Floor and took overall Bronze
  • Ayiana – silver Vault
  • Evie – gold Vault, bronze Floor and  took overall Gold
  • Eadie – silver Vault
  • Hannah – silver Beam
  • Jessica – silver Bars
  • Sophie – bronze Beam, gold Floor

Silver Medal Team:

  • Julija
  • Grace
  • Evie
  • Sophie

County Rec – October 2015

On the 4th October 2015 we took 20 gymnasts to the County Recreational Competition held at Spiral Gymnastics Club.  We came away with a staggering amount of medals, all of the gymnasts represented us brilliantly.

  • Lianna took silver on Vault, Beam and Floor
  • Madison got gold on Bars
  • Imogen got silver on Bars
  • Naomi got gold on Bars
  • Eadie got silver on Bars and gold on Floor
  • Bella got bronze on Beam and silver on Floor
  • Iliana got bronze on Bars and Beam
  • Austeja got silver on Vault and bronze on Bars and Beam
  • Jessica got silver on beam
  • Sophie got silver on Bars and bronze on Beam and Floor
  • Macie got bronze on Vault
  • Evie got gold on Bars
  • Jordan got Bronze on Vault
  • Selina got gold on Floor
  • Jess got gold on Vault and Beam, bronze on Bars and silver on Floor

Level 5 – October 2015

On the 3rd October 2015 we took 17 gymnasts to the County Level 5 competition held at Spiral Gymnastics Club. Our gymnasts performing amazingly. Phoenix came away with the Silver Team medal which is brilliant. Several of our gymnasts got individual medals as well;

  • Ellie and Amber won gold and silver overall in the Age 9 Category
  • Josie got a gold medal on bars
  • Madison got a silver medal on Beam
  • Katie got a gold medal on Vault

Silver medal team:

  • Amber
  • Ellie
  • Daisy
  • Josie

County Champs – September 2015