Artistic, Rhythmic and General Gymnastics in Peterborough

Phoenix Gymnastics is committed to providing a safe, fun and friendly gymnastics club for children of all ages. We provide the following levels of gymnastics.


Recreational Gymnastics. Beginning level gym for girls and boys from age 4 and up. 1 hour per week.
Advanced Recreational Gymnastics For young gymnasts with developing skills who are ready to move on to a new level and have outgrown Rec classes. 1 1/4 hours per week.
Novice Older gymnastics for girls of age 10 and up. Ideal for girls who want to try a more advanced set of skills; in house competitions are arranged for this level. 2 hours per week.
Advanced Development Squad For girls with gymnastic aptitude who are ready to spend more time working on skills prior to moving into the Girls A & B Squads. 9 hours per week. Invitation only.
Artistic Girls Squads We have A, B  and Elite squads for girls who have stronger gymnastics skills and are looking to compete and train regularly. 8-16 hours per week. Invitation only.
Rhythmic Gymnastics Using hand apparatus, rhythmic gymnastics has individual and group routines and focusses on ballet, flexibility and handling the apparatus (hoop, ribbon, ball, rope, clubs) 1 hour per week
Boys Squads We run a development and a regular squad for boys with aptitude who are looking to train more regularly and develop gymnastics skills. 3-6 hours a week. Invitation only.
PlayGym Fun early morning sessions for parents and childminders to play in the gym with toys and soft play equipment. Sessions run for 2 hours each morning.
Gymmies Fun interactive parent and child sessions with a coach to  make a start on early gymnastics skills. 45mins per session.

 For session times, please see the Timetable page and the Fees page for current costs.

rhythmic gymnastics Peterborough


Why take up gymnastics?

Gymnastics is fun and can give you so much-Improved fitness, self confidence, self discipline, even a whole new social life. We want you to enjoy it as much as we do.

Here are a few tips for a great start:

• Do it regularly. Plan it into your week and try not to miss classes.

• Talk to your coach or member of the office team. We know that your needs may change, so we are always happy to change your programme.

• Come to special events. You will be inspired by what the other students have achieved and where you could be heading. Better still take part!

Here at Phoenix we encourage each individual to excel at all levels and we support them in their own achievements. Making friends, building confidence, trying new things and being part of a team is why Phoenix is proud of every member. Phoenix’s belief in sport is that together everyone achieves more!

So now it’s time to start enjoying your gymnastics. Achieving and working towards British Gymnastic badges and your personal goals. Give us a call on 07557 441104if there is anything else you would like to know or any other way we can help.

Please remember, if at any time you wish to terminate membership, the relevant four weeks notification is essential. Failure to do this may result in you being over billed.

Phoenix welcomes you and your family to the team.